Agilant Response to COVID-19

Dear Customers, Partners & Employees,

Agilant is continuously monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is following its guidelines, including recommendations on travel, safety, and personal health.   We have taken important and critical measures to assure the safety of all and safety is our first and paramount goal. The health and safety of our employees are our highest priority.

We have long planned for an emergency such as this.  The plan has two primary goals.  First, to protect our people and second to protect our clients.  We have implemented the plan to protect clients which are based on our having an infrastructure in place to facilitate large numbers of people working remotely. The plan we designed, and which we now have implemented, uses special supplementary systems, remote sites, and an enhanced technology infrastructure supporting remote work to enable us to operate during very difficult periods. Since this crisis began, we have tested our systems and our plan and have found both robust. We are highly confident in our ability to function remotely for a long period.

As a business community, we are all focused on managing the unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation with both urgency and a deep sense of care. I know our teams have been in regular contact with you, and I’m personally reaching out to express my support during this difficult period.

Times like these remind us all of what’s most important in our lives, and Agilant is here to support you in any way we can. Like you, we are closely following guidance from public health authorities to mitigate risk. We have implemented additional measures to protect the health and safety of these associates. We are inspired and humbled by their dedication and hard work to ensure continued fulfillment on demand and to minimize the impact on our collective businesses.

We also recognize you have a heightened need for technology during this challenging time. To help meet these needs, we are:

  • Leveraging our multi-vendor partners and working closely with suppliers to continue delivering products and services for our customers.
  • Increasing our customer support operations through our U.S. and global support help desks.
  • Working with our internal technology experts and partners to ensure Agilant and customer business continuity plans are sound, providing useful information pertaining to the most common requests we are receiving, including cleaning your workspace, best practices when working from home, and tips for face to face meetings.
  • Reminding people to beware of suspicious online activity from hackers seeking to prey on current concerns people are feeling. It is important to remain vigilant and maintain cybersecurity best practices.
  • Our warehouses and configuration centers are achieving all SLAs.
  • We are managing our supply chain and making every effort to understand and offset the potential impact of area closures, production, and delivery delays.

We are also putting Agilant’s resources behind efforts to assist our healthcare and education clients with COVIT-19 assistance and remote learning assistance and support. This situation is going to be with us for some time and we will continue to monitor it closely and act accordingly.

We share a common culture that’s built on integrity, responsibility, and trust. These values have long guided Agilant – and we will continue to come together as one committed to the well-being of the communities, we all serve.

Be safe! We appreciate your patience and understanding at a time when we know that you are equally concerned with the health and safety of your own employees and their families.


Be safe!

Mark Romanowski

Executive Vice President