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Expertise and Experience

Our team of product managers offers deep expertise in the latest technologies and industry trends. We can help you make informed decisions about which solutions are right for your business.

Personalized Procurement

We provide personalized customer procurement experiences that adapt to your business's needs in real-time. We work with you to understand your unique requirements and create tailored product and service bundles to meet them.

Partnership with Leading Manufacturers

We have established long-term partnerships with the leading hardware and software manufacturers, ensuring that we have access to the latest products and technologies. Plus, our partnerships mean that you can take advantage of multi-vendor warranties and support programs that protect your investments.

Personalized Procurement

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Procurement Management

Agilant's procurement management solutions digitally reinvent your supply chain, providing greater visibility, platform integration, and continuous innovation. With our expert advice and OEM vendor-certified team, you can streamline operations, optimize workflow, and choose the best products and licenses within your budget. Get Started

Web-based B2B Commerce

Leverage the power of Agilant's web-based B2B commerce platform, offering 70,000+ hardware and software products. Benefit from transparent supply chain management, web-based purchasing, and advantageous pricing agreements to reduce your total cost of acquisition and meet your staff's needs efficiently.

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Custom Catalogs

Discover our online customer catalogs that offer custom product and service bundles designed for your unique requirements. Our experienced product managers provide added value and support, while long-term partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers ensure warranties, upgrades, and extensions to protect your long-term plans.

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E-Rate Solutions

Agilant's E-Rate Solutions support connectivity for schools and libraries, providing discounts of up to 90% for eligible services. Simplify the funding process and access telecommunications services, internet access, internal connections, and basic maintenance to enhance communication pipelines and support educational initiatives.

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Consumptions & Contractual Solutions

Future-proof your IT infrastructure spending with Agilant's consumption and contractual solutions. Partnering with industry leaders like HPE and HPI, we offer comprehensive pay-as-you-go models, enabling you to deliver the business outcomes your organization demands and maximizing your IT investment.

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Leverage Agilant's state-of-the-art warehouse facility in the New York metropolitan area for seamless integration, configuration, and staging of IT equipment. With ISO 9000 quality methodology and 100% inventory accuracy, we ensure reliable receipt, testing, and repackaging of any enterprise infrastructure or computing component.

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Leasing Solutions

Optimize your financial flexibility with Agilant's leasing options, offering cost-effective solutions up to $100 million. Meet your budget objectives without impacting your balance sheet or credit lines, and leverage tailored leasing solutions at every stage of the product lifecycle to build competitive advantage.

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Global Solutions

Agilant's membership in the Global IT Alliance (GITA) empowers us to serve multinational organizations in achieving their IT goals. Through GITA's trusted network of top-tier partners and local expertise across five continents, we deliver personalized engagement, competence, and consistent service, ensuring successful IT solutions on a global scale.

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