Agilant Revolutionizes Real-Time Inventory Visibility in Healthcare Sector


The nation's largest municipal healthcare network in the US comprises over 45,000 healthcare professionals across more than 70 patient care locations.


The hospital group faced a significant challenge in managing their extensive inventory and assets across their numerous locations. They needed a solution that could provide real-time inventory visibility and a tailored platform for efficient asset allocation and management.



Real-Time Access

Agilant leveraged TOGa, a robust service management platform, to address their needs. Through TOGa Supply, the hospital group gained complete access to their owned assets, ensuring real-time updates on orders and allocations.


ServiceNow Integration

TOGa seamlessly integrated with the hospital group's existing ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB), ensuring data synchronization and accurate inventory management.


IT Asset Management (ITAM)

TOGa provided comprehensive IT asset management capabilities, allowing the hospital group to track and manage assets efficiently.


Active Directory Integration

Seamless integration with Active Directory facilitated streamlined user management and access control for improved security and efficiency.


Persona Profile Management

TOGa allowed the hospital group to create and manage persona profiles, tailoring the platform to different user roles and optimizing workflows.


Agilant's TOGa implementation transformed the hospital group's inventory management, enabling real-time reporting and order visibility. This enhanced inventory and order visibility led to improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and better patient care outcomes through effective asset management, reduced discrepancies, optimized resource allocation, and streamlined procurement processes.

Enhanced Inventory Visibility
Real-time inventory reporting enabled the hospital group to monitor and manage their assets more effectively, reducing inventory discrepancies and optimizing resource allocation.

Improved Order Visibility
With real-time updates on orders and allocations, the hospital group gained better visibility into the status and availability of assets, facilitating smoother procurement processes and reducing delays.

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