The Evolution of the Written Word


One of the largest Global Publishers of Educational and Textbook content.


With the rapid and extreme proliferation of e-Learning adoption, it was vital for this client to alter their method of delivering educational material to schools and students around the world. This required changing the entire operation from print to electronic and from physical to virtual. The changes needed to be ushered in quickly while still maintaining the capability to provide the content in its traditional format for those markets not participating in an e-Learning environment/platform.



Global Collaboration

Agilant successfully built a secure and reliable global network that connected remote teams responsible for creating and sharing creative content. Agilant utilized Riverbed Technologies' SteelHead Solutions to ensure smooth collaboration and efficient content distribution across different locations.


Centralized Storage

Agilant collaborated with various hardware partners to design a centralized storage system that made it easy to store and retrieve text and image content. By leveraging Dell's Isilon platform, Agilant created a user-friendly and accessible storage solution, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and share content seamlessly.


Efficient Endpoint Support

Agilant simplified the process of setting up and supporting a wide range of endpoint devices from top-tier brands. Agilant provided efficient device provisioning and comprehensive support services for laptops, tablets, and other devices, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users and enabling teams to focus on their work.


Data Center Asset Management

Agilant expertly managed the cleanout and disposal of data center assets while maintaining compliance with regulations and data security. They handled the decommissioning of collapsed data center solutions across the United States, ensuring a smooth transition and secure handling of sensitive data and equipment.


As a result of all of the successful changes they made in each area their financial outlook and Global Credit rating grew to record levels and they remain at the top of the food chain within their industry.

  • Achieved record levels of financial stability
  • Maintained industry leadership position through strategic partnerships and unwavering innovation
  • Enabled the organization to thrive in a changing landscape
  • Paved the way to success through collective intelligence, diligent efforts, and dedicated partnership

Client Spotlight

Through strategic partnerships and unwavering innovation, the remarkable transformation of this organization is apparent — enabling it to not just survive but thrive amidst the dynamic shifts in the publishing industry. The collective intelligence, diligent efforts, and unwavering commitment from Agilant has truly paved the path to its resounding success.

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