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Relying on the power of referral, our Affiliate Program is a fast, easy way to
introduce Agilant services to your customers.

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The power of referral
speaks volumes about
the quality of Agilant’s

Why Agilant

Agilant prides itself on providing the best, most consistent and flexible service and solutions for our clients. We offer economical, best-in-class technology services designed to enhance end-user customer experience. Our turn-key technology solutions result in more porfitability and competitive advantage for our Retailer and SMB clients.

With over 30 years of experience, our customers succeed by offering the innovative tools, support resources, and easy-to-implement processes custom Agilant has built, just for them.

We distinguish ourselves by being great:

  • Experience: Deep Domain & Vertical Experience
  • People: formal training & certification programs.
  • Affiliations: tier one OEM partnerships
  • Scope: end-to-end lifecycle solutions
  • Process: ITSM, ISO, Six Sigma, PMI
  • Flexibility: custom solutions
  • Loyalty: average customer engagement is 17 years

How it Works

Traditional retailer-types and box-pushing VARs lack the expertise and internal resources to properly position, price and sell modern technology services and solutions.  We’ve arrived at the day when, if you want to “make it” in the tech industry, these skills are a must.  The solution? Set your sights on a partnership with a company that does.  A company like Agilant.

Agilant is your ideal partner to provide the pre-sales “know-how”, years of sales skill development, and the world-class service delivery experience that you need.  And through our Affiliate Program, we can easily augment your customer offerings. The Affiliate Program is a simple and effective strategy you can sell to your customers for a host of technology services.  All that required is that you direct your customers to the services and solutions they need.  It’s that simple.

Here’s how it works: Refer your customers to Agilant through the web, phone, or email; an experienced Agilant account executive will recommend a customer solution that meets needs at a price point that works. For every service sale closed, Agilant will provide your company with a financial incentive. For re-occurring subscription services, you will receive constant revenue stream for the life of the subscription or contract.  Everyone wins!

Ready to learn more? Our sales professionals will answer any questions and customize the perfect solution for your organization.

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