Revolutionizing Hardware and Services Platform for Global Insurance Provider


American Fortune Global 500 company offers insurance, retirement planning, investment management, and more to retail and institutional customers worldwide.


The client required a unified platform that could seamlessly integrate hardware and services, providing an Amazon-like user experience, centralized purchasing, and automated workflows. They were utilizing ServiceNow for their procurement processes.



eCommerce Revolution

Agilant provided an online catalog, purchase status tracking, equipment management, order history, persona-based restricted assortments and roles, multi-level approval workflows, and integration with ServiceNow for corporate IT Asset Management (ITAM).


Enhanced User Experience

TOGa's features, such as purchase status tracking, equipment management, and order history, significantly improved the user experience, making it similar to the seamless experience offered by leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon.


Streamlined Workflows

Automation of many previously manual workflows resulted in increased efficiency, reduced errors, and faster processing times. LaaS addressed various workstreams, allowing for smoother operations across new hires, separations, ad-hoc purchases, and equipment refreshes.


Integration with ServiceNow

The integration of TOGa with ServiceNow for ITAM facilitated centralized purchasing, improved asset management, and provided a comprehensive solution for corporate IT processes.


Long-Term Partnership

As a testament to the successful implementation and value delivered, the client chose to continue working with Agilant to sell hardware and software to the client, showcasing the trust and satisfaction achieved.


By leveraging TOGa, Agilant successfully delivered an Amazon-like user experience to the client, while automating previously manual workflows. Agilant's solution empowered the global insurance provider to enhance their procurement processes, improve operational efficiency, and deliver an exceptional user experience to their employees.

  • Delivered an Amazon-like user experience
  • Automated previously manual workflows
  • Enhanced procurement processes
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Delivered an exceptional user experience to their employees

Client Spotlight

Your Team did a great job! I had 5 folks for the first 2 days and then was down a person the last day. But we were still able to finish everything that needed to be accomplished. I will make sure I request the same folks again for upcoming work in Hartford and Shelton. Thank you!

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