Agilant Enhances Workflow Automation and Service Visibility in Education


We worked with the largest school district in the United States with over 1.1 million students taught in more than 1,800 separate schools.


They sought to expand their device repertoire significantly. However, transitioning to ServiceNow proved to be a complex task requiring external expertise. The goal was to integrate over 500,000 new devices into their operations while fortifying their operational capacity.



Seamless Integration

TOGa, integrated with the school district's existing ServiceNow system, ensures real-time data synchronization and streamlined processes for efficient workflow automation.


Enhanced Visibility

TOGa's automated reporting capabilities provide comprehensive insights, empowering informed decision-making and improving service outcomes for the school district.


Customized Efficiency

TOGa allows the creation of tailored workflows, optimizing service delivery to meet the specific needs of the department school district while accurately tracking and monitoring service events through clear status mapping.


Streamlined Operations

TOGa facilitates efficient parts ordering, reduces delays, and ensures timely repairs by integrating with multiple manufacturers such as Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and Lexmark. Smart technician routing and scheduling further enhance response times and overall service efficiency.


By implementing TOGa, Agilant revolutionized service delivery for the department school district, resulting in real-time reporting, enhanced visibility, and streamlined installation and repair processes. The improved efficiency yielded significant cost savings in service delivery. Agilant's solution empowered the department school district to optimize their service operations, ensuring smooth workflows, reduced costs, and enhanced service visibility.


1.5M devices

Under management



Successful installations annually



Pounds of equipment sustainably recycled each year

Building Strong Relationships

Understanding our education customers — from administration directives, to educator wants, student needs, and general pain points — is the foundation of our relationship. Our teams, culture, support, and pricing are all shaped by that understanding.

Mark Romanowski

Executive Vice President & GM, Agilant

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