Public Safety — Helping Protect the Community with Technology


This client is one of the largest accredited sheriff's organizations in the country. They are a full-service, public safety agency.


The Sheriff's office faced challenges in modernizing its aging data center technologies in an environment where maintaining compliance and following regulations posed significant hurdles.



Cloud Transformation

Agilant collaborated with the office to identify areas eligible for and capable of transformation to run in the cloud. After identifying these applications, Agilant's consulting team helped them migrate and protect the solutions in the new environment with detailed migration plans.


Backup Modernization

Like many organizations, the sheriff's office protected their environment using legacy platforms that did not provide sufficient protection or the ability to rapidly restore data after an outage. Agilant provided solutions and services to migrate the environment to a modern platform. This reduced protection windows, improved restorability, and simplified management.


Networking Enhancement

Approaching the end of the functional life of their networking equipment, Agilant increased end-to-end connectivity and security throughout the organization. We implemented unified network access control for both wired and wireless networks, maintaining full support for their legacy environment during the deployment of modernization.


Ongoing Support and Consulting

Agilant continues to provide support and consulting services to help the office maintain and actively adapt to changing IT needs. Agilant engineers have also empowered their staff to handle complex challenges and improve their capabilities internally.


By embracing a look at modernizing and the strong partnership with Agilant Advisory and Transformation services, the sheriff's office has vastly improved their technology capabilities, reduced risk, and improved their ability to provide essential public safety services to their constituents.



Users migrated to the cloud



Data protected



Networking Ports Secured

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