Call Center Solutions

Agilant’s US-based help desk provides comprehensive troubleshooting, training and answers to all technology-related questions or concerns. From Tier 1 to Tier 3 support, our team is ready to support you and your customers, anytime you need it.

Our 24 x 7 call center offers a full range of services from set-up to product support, to technology coaching and returns mitigation.

Our Solutions

Tier 1-3
Internet of
Things (IoT)
Pre and Post
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Technical solutions
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Tier 1-3 Tech Support

Agilant has the expertise, certifications, and tools to manage an effective yet low-cost helpdesk to assist your customers when they need it. Our helpdesk services provide technical support over the phone and online, covering computer software, hardware, connectivity, and networking issues across a range of IT technology.

Our US-based, 24/7 call center solution offers three tiers of support to make sure your customers are always productive because their systems are up and running. Tech Support is customer-focused and puts customers where they should be – FIRST!

Here’s How It Works:

  • Tier 1 Support: Basic training, troubleshooting over the phone, and live chat support as needed.
  • Tier 2 Support: Remote takeover and diagnostics to resolve complex customer issues using proprietary software
    and management tools.
  • Tier 3 Support: High-level customer escalations and complex technical issues that require advanced
    problem-solving methods.

Tech Coaching

Tech Coaching is a valuable solution for consumers setting up new systems and/or facing tech issues.   Software updates and new features can often be intimidating for consumers, and they may not have the skill to ensure optimum performance and security of their device or data.

Agilant’s US-based, 24/7 call center is always available for your consumers when they need support! Our expert analysts provide Technology Coaching to your end-user customers who need step-by-step guidance through the use and optimization of their device. We provide training, assistance and answers in a friendly and patient manner. Our experts have your customers covered!

Product Set-Up

Setting-up and optimizing a new device is not an easy process for consumers. Hard-to-read instruction manuals, long (and often expensive) wait times for OEM support, and auto assistants can prove frustrating.

Agilant removes the frustration out of the product set-up process, and ensures a better overall customer experience. The Agilant Call Center is available 24 x 7 to eliminate the road-blocks associated with product set-up.  Our analysts are available via phone or live chat to help your customers get their devices up and running smoothly.

Internet of Things (IoT) Support

At its core, IoT is about the connections between devices, sensors, data sources, technologies, solutions, organizations, people, and processes.  But unless a consumer can actually connect their device to Wi-Fi, they will not reap any IoT benefits.  And, truthfully, many consumers have issues simply getting connected.

Agilant is skilled to handle even the most complex of networks and connectivity issues.  Our expert call center analysts provide comprehensive IoT Support for end-user customers including connectivity issues, slow speed resolution and peripherals configuration.  We not only get customers connected, but ensure that their device is functioning to the desired level.

Pre & Post-Purchase Support

There are many factors in choosing technology for the digital workplaces including tech requirements, service and support needs, and budgetary guidelines.  Customers need advice before they click.  But customers need support after the click, too. Service, support, and troubleshooting – Agilant has a solution for all of it!

Agilant’s US-based, 24/7 call center provides both Pre and Post-Purchase Support for retailers and their customers who purchase hardware and software solutions. We advise your end user customers and recommend products and solutions best suited for them. Customers receive the best, un-biased advice and support from our highly experienced and multi-vendor certified experts.

Have an ever-evolving assortment? No worries! Agilant maintains a knowledgebase for new and existing technology solutions. We are always up-to-date with your retail offerings and make sure your customers are properly serviced and supported.

Returns Mitigation

As technology purchases boom, unfortunately so do technology returns.  In the rush to the new, consumers aren’t always prepared tech complexity or advanced features, leading to higher-than-normal technology returns.

With Agilant’s Returns Mitigation, our goal is get customers comfortable and familiar with their new technology, thereby decreasing product returns. Our robust call center solution provides Tech Coaching to end-user customers who need troubleshooting, training, and support for technology products. We walk customers through support topics, such as connecting to Bluetooth, streaming movies / music, wireless printing, changing fonts in Outlook, installing Microsoft Office, etc. And it’s a multi-vendor solution, so no matter the brand, device, or operating system Agilant will be there to boost your customers’ experience and confidence with their new device.