Agilant Delivers Real-time Global Order Tracking and Custom Ariba Catalog


Our client is a global leader in financial intelligence solutions and research for capital and commodity markets.


The client required a single robust system that could facilitate global order tracking and enable custom online catalog ordering. All this needed to integrate with their existing platform, Ariba.



Real-Time Integration

Agilant leveraged TOGa to seamlessly integrate with Ariba, offering real-time visibility into orders, shipping details, and invoices. Additionally, TOGa Commerce served as a user-friendly punchout, enabling easy catalog ordering.


Persona Profile Management

TOGa facilitated persona profile management, allowing administrators and users to customize their experience and streamline workflows based on their specific roles and requirements.


Streamlined Order Management

The client gained comprehensive visibility into orders, shipping details, and invoices in real-time, enabling efficient order management and tracking on a global scale.


Ariba Punchout Integration

TOGa Commerce seamlessly integrated with Ariba, providing a user-friendly punchout experience for catalog ordering, simplifying the procurement process and enhancing user convenience.


Ad-hoc Purchases and Order Aggregation

Various administrators had access to TOGa Commerce for ad-hoc purchases outside the Ariba system, while TOGa Supply aggregated all orders in a single portal, ensuring centralized and efficient order management.


Through the implementation of TOGa, Agilant successfully delivered an Ariba-integrated punchout solution and global order tracking capabilities for the client. Agilant's solution empowered the client to enhance their procurement processes, resulting in improved efficiency, streamlined order tracking, and enhanced user experience.

  • Delivered an Ariba-integrated punchout solution
  • Launched global order tracking
  • Empowered the client to enhance their procurement processes
  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlined order tracking
  • Enhanced user experience

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