Reseller Programs

Our custom programs are designed specifically for resellers looking to offer Agilant’s solutions to Small and Medium-sized businesses. The goal? To streamline operations and provide comprehensive support.

It has never been easier to empower your customers through services programs. Agilant has the experience, expertise and offerings built specifically for you.

Our Solutions

Technology Order
Gateway Platform
IT As A Service
Augmented Reality
Grade Tech Services
Data Services
Device As A
Service (DaaS)
IT Asset

Proven solutions.
Built for resale.
Grounded in success.

Technology Order Gateway Platform (TOGa)

Agilant’s Technology Order Gateway, “TOGa”, is a comprehensive, cloud-based service order management system. It was designed as an omnichannel solution for our partners, SMB clients, VARs and call centers, and has quickly become the ideal platform for any retailer delivering IT services in the United States.

Both versatile and modular, TOGa is known for its ease of navigation, functionality and flexibility. From dynamic bundling and work order management to digital signature capture, its feature-rich capabilities are designed to reduce pain points and improve internal processes.

  • Robust work order management
  • Complex service multi-step bundle management
  • Flexible payment solutions
  • Real-time status updates
  • Lead flow management
  • Product catalogs

IT as a Service (ITaaS)

As the need for services grows, Resellers are keen to offer a robust, managed, IT as a Service solution to SMBs and mid-market businesses. Why? Because improving process and cost elimination sets them apart from the competition and keeps their customers coming back.

Agilant provides the tools, security and support required to maintain a business at its optimal growth rate. Our ITaaS offerings help organizations accelerate digital transformation through agile, cloud-ready and secure managed infrastructure solutions, including strategy development, technology selection, implementation and operations.

Our ITaaS solution includes customizable features, such as:

  • 24/7 US-based Tech Support via Live Chat & Phone
  • Proactive Monitoring & Remediation
  • Fully Managed Anti-Virus Solution
  • Microsoft Windows Update Management
  • Real-time Network Performance Monitoring
  • Firewall Management
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Virtual CIO Advisory Service
  • Device Loss & Theft Protection Software

Augmented Reality Grade Tech Services

As connected devices and technology become increasingly feature-rich and complex, Augmented Reality solutions pose a unique offering to your customers seeking tech guidance, advice and/or troubleshooting support.  Augmented reality(AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where objects are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.

With 24/7 Augmented Reality Support Solutions, your customers receive support from one of our AR experts virtually, right through their smartphone. There is no need for on-site support. Our experts can interpret your customers’ field of view in real-time, share instructional PDFs, and conduct directional video/voice calling.

Data Services

The true value of any organization resides in its data. Protecting that data and keeping it secure is a top priority for consumers. And retailers who offer data-related services are truly differentiated in the market.

Agilant reduces security risk by helping our clients prepare for security threats, defend critical business assets, and respond rapidly to security incidents.  By partnering with us, retail clients have access to offer the data services solutions necessary to keep them ahead of competition.

Developed by Agilant, in-store data services include…

Data Recovery:

  • Should users experience data loss due to a hardware failure, accidental deletion, physical damage, water / fire damage, or a malicious virus, our proprietary methods will recover your customers’ irreplaceable data and memories.

Data Eradication:

  • Whether your customer is trading in their device, repurposing, reselling, or simply wants to ensure that data is erased prior to removal or recycling, we provide the necessary tools to eradicate data, exceeding DOD level standards. Data eradication can be performed on or off premise. We can leave wiped or destroyed hard drives behind for you to manage according to your own internal security policies or requirements, if requested.  A full audit report is included.

Data Transfer:

  • We supply retailers, manufacturers, and service providers with state-of-the-art, virus-free data transfer tools and services.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

The modern customer requires a modern IT model – simplicity, security, smart technology, and cost savings.  IT faces real pain points within multi-vendor, multi device environments that require a level flexibility and resource experience that just isn’t available internally. Agilant’s DaaS model takes care of all of these pitfalls through hardware delivery, services, proactive management and analytics.

Agilant’s DaaS offerings transform lifecycle management from an IT responsibility into an easy-to-use service that delivers fast and satisfying results for users. It includes everything an end user would need –the latest and greatest technology, security and all services.  From the moment a device is configured and delivered to an employee to the day it performs its last task, our DaaS solutions reduce downtime, increase user satisfaction, and prevent small problems from turning into large ones.It’s like having the flexibility, agility and convenience of a modern IT department with all of the business benefits of a 24 x 7 operation.

From the moment a device is delivered to an employee to the day it performs its last task, Agilant DaaS can help companies reduce downtime, increase user satisfaction, and prevent small problems from turning into large ones.

IT Asset Disposition

Protect your business and personal data with our secure end-of-life ITAD services and prepare for a technology refresh while supporting environmental sustainability.

Agilant’s value-based managed ITAD model reduces the risk, cost and complexity associated with end-of-life technology.  A big part of our process focuses on data eradication and information protection; we are compliant with GLBA, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA.  Also hugely important is our focus on environmental and human safety; compliance with all state, local and federal mandates and absolutely no illegal offshore shipping.

Agilant manages the responsible reuse or recycling of retired hardware assets safely and securely, providing you with appropriate documentation. Devices are processed according to industry-leading reuse / recycle standards via Agilant-approved partners.  These partners are rigorously audited by a third-party, across multiple global locations.

Our ITAD services include:

  • Corporate Cleanouts
  • Lease Return Management
  • Data Eradication (NIST Secure Erase)
  • Risk Management programs
  • Re-purposing & Resale
  • Recycling
  • Parts Harvesting

Onsite Services

Agilant utilizes a network of factory certified IT technicians and engineers across the United States to provide onsite services to customers and businesses whenever they need assistance. Our multi-vendor services address the pain points of supporting IT environments by providing consistent, high quality support experiences with a single support partner and number.

With thousands of available technical resources nationwide, we provide next business day, same day, resident technicians and appointment-based services across the country.

  • Onsite Services include:
    • Home/Office Installations
    • On-Site Diagnosis & Repair
    • PC, Network, Printer, TV Set-up
  • Trusted Technicians
    • Our technicians are certified, background-checked and insured.
    • Multivendor, multiplatform experience 
  • Convenient Appointment Scheduler
    • In-home/in-office service available from 9am-8pm Monday through Friday