National Office Supply Retailer Elevates Sales with Tech Services


A leading provider of office products and services with an integrated business-to-business (B2B) distribution platform, online presence, and a network of retail stores across the country.


This national office supply retailer struggled to deliver their technology services effectively due to their outdated and expensive service delivery platform. The limited range of features and integration capabilities negatively impacted customer experience and hurt their reputation and sales performance.



Streamlined Sales and Service Delivery

We collaborated with the client's team to streamline their sales and service delivery processes by leveraging our turnkey assortment and proprietary tools. We also reduced the number of service SKUs to prevent customer and associate confusion.


TOGa Platform Simplifies Customer Intake

Our team simplified the customer intake process by implementing TOGa, a user-friendly platform that provides our client's retail associates with access to a comprehensive service catalog and an assisted sales experience. With TOGa's guided order creation process, customers can receive recommended services based on their needs, and associates can quickly sell and easily initiate the service delivery process.


TOGa Enhances Sales with Guided Order Creation

With TOGa's guided order creation process, customers can receive recommended services based on their needs, and associates can sell services quickly and easily. By integrating with their loyalty systems, single sign-on, and POS system, TOGa also made customer lookup, log-in, and sales processes more seamless.


TOGa Links with Ticketing System for Seamless Remote Experience

Additionally, TOGa is directly linked with our ticketing system, which ensures a seamless experience for our remote team performing the services.


The re-launch of Tech Services at the national office supply retailer was a resounding success. Our top-notch service delivery and the introduction of the TOGa platform made it easier for associates to initiate services and boost sales, reducing confusion for both associates and customers. TOGa, integrated with multiple systems, became the central hub for sales and order creation of tech services, eliminating the need to switch between different systems.



Hits per month on TOGa



Customers and associates accessing TOGa platform daily



Services performed utilizing TOGa

A Committed, Trusted Partner

For the past seven years, Agilant has been a trusted partner for our customers, providing reliable and efficient tech services. Their commitment to excellence and unmatched customer service ensures our customers receive the highest level of support, leaving them with peace of mind knowing they have access to expert assistance 24/7. Agilant's dedication to providing top-notch tech services allows our customers to focus their business or other activities with confidence, knowing they have a reliable partner to support their technological needs.

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