Letter from the CEO

June 10, 2020

Agilant Team:

The last two weeks have seen an outpouring of the pain suffered from the injustice and inequality that exists in our world. We must search for ways to act and create a more just society with equality and opportunity for all. My brother Narinder Chabra and I met our own challenges when starting the business in the 1980s as POC and turbaned Sikhs emigrating from India. As the CEO of the organization, I strive to create a culture that values inclusion. Join me in condemning all racism, injustice, inequity, discrimination, and intolerance.

Last week we re-opened our offices after having closed for the Coronavirus emergency in March. But as you all know, our teams providing essential services continued working through the closure from March straight through June. Our call center in Romania, cloud services team in Dubai, warehouse operation teams in New York and Chicago, and field technicians in New York and Chicago supporting education and healthcare customers kept working. There were some layoffs and there will be continued setbacks this year because of Coronavirus, but the layoffs and setbacks would have been far worse had our facilities closed and not provided essential services. Thank you to everyone who continued to work – your contribution kept the company going.

On behalf of the management team, I thank each one of you for contributing to a workplace that supports and values every member of our community.

Sonny Chabra
President & CEO
Agilant Solutions, Inc.