Workplace Management

Each client has specific technology requirements, involving different offerings and solutions. But regardless of the standards they choose, one thing the modern office requires is an environment built for the needs of modern business people — network and remote access, consistent security policy, and mobile everything.

Today’s IT manages workplaces comprised of multivendor, multiplatform devices with employees who have to be as productive at their desk as they are on a plane, in a coffee shop, or on the other side of the globe. The network must be optimized, protected, maintained, and constantly upgraded and transformed. Nothing is left to chance, and your employees expect nothing less.

Device as a Service (DaaS)
Managed Print Solutions
EndPoint Management
IT Asset Management
Mobility & IoT

Device as a Service (DaaS)

In talking to customers, we hear they want more simplicity in sourcing and contacting their technology providers. Wanting ‘partnership rather than vendor ship’ that they can rely on for end-to-end solutions. In traditional models, much of IT’s time is spent attending to various aspects of device lifecycle management, monitoring all types of equipment—from notebooks to everyday workstations. With a Device as a Service (DaaS) from Agilant, you can redirect your time and resources spent on maintenance toward more strategic IT initiatives within the company. For example, many CIOs aim to implement new technology solutions to save the company money and enhance employee efficiency.

DaaS transforms lifecycle management from a responsibility solely owned by the IT team into an easy-to-use service that delivers fast and satisfying results for users. In fact, it’s vital to keep a business running—but freeing IT from mobile device governance, administration, and operation allows the department to focus on adding directly to the business’s bottom line. By outsourcing lifecycle management with a solution like DaaS, you can increase the overall uptime of devices and users, and IT can freely contribute to mission critical projects. From the moment a device is configured and first delivered to an employee to the day it performs its last task, Agilant DaaS can help companies reduce downtime, increase user satisfaction, and prevent small problems from turning into large ones.

Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print Service combines all components of the imaging and printing value chain (Hardware, Supplies, Software/Solutions, and Services) into one multi-year commercial contract with clear SLAs and continuous improvement goals established and monitored. Our consultative approach helps establish a service level agreement (SLA) that is aligned to your needs. We’ll implement an environment that delivers results today and works to continually optimize outcomes for the future.

Agilant’s approach to MPS is to be flexible. Our modular services are organized into three stages: Design, Transition, and Manage. We allow you to select the level of involvement that’s right for you—you can manage key components of MPS in-house, outsource some areas completely to Agilant, and take a co-management approach in other areas.

Key MPS factors include:

  • Assessment Services
  • Financial and procurement services
  • Transition and implementation services
  • Management and support services
  • Workflow optimization services

EndPoint Management

Strict control of endpoint devices improves user productivity, security and compliance as well as getting the latest technology deployed faster and more efficiently. Our multivendor EndPoint Management Solutions include client device management, antivirus, mobile device management, application management and Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions. We offer industry-leading EndPoint Management Solutions to help customers mitigate issues that result in lost time, money, and productivity.

Our comprehensive portfolio helps reduce complexity and cost of managing commercial PCs through client management software, jointly-developed value-adds, and manageability tools. Our endpoint solutions portfolio is designed to meet a range of client management needs and seek to reduce onsite operational costs by automating system optimization tasks, automatically providing remote secure updates, performing patch management, optimization and increasing time to remediation.

IT Asset Management

Through the utilization of our IT Lifecycle Services, Agilant enables business to take advantage of best practice standards, proven processes and shared resources at key stages of the IT asset lifecycle, helping your organization to remove cost by providing digital transparency and reducing complexity from your IT operations. From technology procurement to technology disposition, every IT asset has a lifecycle. And knowing where a particular asset sits within the IT lifecycle is key to proper asset lifecycle management.

Our integrated asset management system combines the use of apps, the cloud and mobile device scanning, to provide a comprehensive solution to meet our clients’ IT Asset Management needs. Our platform currently tracks millions of assets for our customers around the world, and we are equipped and readily capable to track millions of assets for a single client.

With our solution you…


  • Decrease the number of lost devices
  • Lower time spent by your technical team installing, updating & managing software
  • Spot relevant upgrade opportunities
  • Decrease licensing costs spotting installed but unused applications


  • Never lose track of your inventory
  • Keep your software up-to-date and licensing agreements in compliance


  • Detect uninvited devices or hardware changes in your network
  • Spot unlicensed, unauthorized software
  • Eliminate unpatched software

Mobility & IoT

Agilant mobility solutions help businesses take a strategic approach to mobility with integrated solutions, optimized security and simplified support. By improving control of the mobile devices, we help clients enhance collaboration, enable flexible working and deliver a seamless user experience in the office and on the road. We help clients implement policy and governance requirements with tailored procurement options, enterprise mobility management policies, configuration and management, and telecommunications management.

Our solutions incorporate mobile strategies, identify user needs, offer procurement options, integrate existing systems, provide management and support, and dispose of end of life devices. Clients can take advantage of proven best practices that mitigate risk by providing efficient processes that minimize cost. We are focused on a total customer experience. We recommend best in class mobile solutions. We implement collaboration and security solutions and provide a host of support options either on premise or from the cloud.