Resource Management

IT infrastructures throw curveballs all the time. Projects pop up, systems unexpectedly go down, there is a sudden natural disaster — it’s nearly impossible to plan for every single IT event AND have all of the possible technical skillsets in place to handle them. Keeping underutilized technical resources “on the bench” just isn’t cost-effective and not having enough resources can be a disaster. It’s good to have a resource plan in place, and a partner like Agilant to lean on.

Agilant customizes IT resource solutions to address the individual requirements of each client and project. Our flexibility allows us to transform and scale needed resources based on need, matching technical resources to each requirement and ensuring that the job is done right every time. Whether you require an onsite team for a year or a single individual consultant for a day, Agilant resources can be leveraged as an extension of your team, 365 days a year.

Staff Augmentation
Helpdesk Services
Virtual CIO Program
Technical Relief Program

Staff Augmentation

Agilant Staff Augmentation Services provide dedicated, skilled IT professionals who can step in quickly to meet your mission-critical objectives. Agilant IT professionals can be set up to support a specific client or enterprise project either onsite or remotely. This service provides a flexible model allowing our US customers to better manage temporary or dynamic IT projects.

Customer Benefits:

  • Augment in-house IT resources with additional expertise to accomplish key projects faster
  • Agilant can help make an immediate impact in achieving the desired project results
  • Optimize efficiency, budget and business results with the flexibility to scale IT staff when needed

Helpdesk Services

Helpdesk Services provide our customers with phone access to Agilant certified technical professionals and a superior call experience. These experts take end-to-end ownership of resolving typical IT issues from system analytics, computer performance, operating system errors, security configuration, software operation and installation to connectivity, mobility and more.

Service includes:

  • System analytics
  • Computer performance
  • Operating system errors
  • Security configuration
  • Software operation and installation
  • Connectivity, mobility

Customer Benefits:

  • IT experts will manage your IT support needs with cost-effective service available to you 24×7
  • Manage all your devices with one plan and one call for comprehensive coverage
  • Keep your business running smoothly by having technical issues resolved quickly
  • Phone assistance and remote desktop sharing for hardware, software and connectivity issues

Virtual CIO Program

With Virtual CIO services, Agilant becomes an organization’s CIO — planning, directing, and ultimately responsible for some or all aspects of an IT environment, but from a virtual location. This is a turnkey solution, overcoming the shortcomings of more traditional models, such as cost. The Virtual CIO Program can be custom designed for a period and with the skill set that it is required from one week to multi-year engagements.

Service elements:

  • You get the CIO skills you require, when you need them.
  • The CIO comes with contemporary technological knowledge, so that any answers, leadership and strategic plans/guidance you receive are up-to-date.
  • The multivendor experience of our CIOs will provide a significantly broader insight into the solutions best suited for a particular environment.
  • When you do not need a CIO, you can perform a virtual swap for the talent you need at that moment, for example: a service manager, a temporary LAN administrator, a senior network engineer, a deskside technician, a help desk analyst, a program manager, etc.

Technical Relief Program

The Agilant Technical Relief Program provides customers with a means to back up their IT staff during planned Personal Time off (PTO) including offsite training, vacation days, personal time, and optional holidays. Agilant assigns technical resources according to a schedule predetermined with the customer, taking into consideration training and transition periods.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction in recruitment and training costs
  • Elimination of roll-over vacation and/or personal time off
  • Minimize legal issues involved with employees
  • Allows your IT management staff to meet the daily demands of end-users during PTO days
  • Emergency technical backup
  • Savings on direct labor cost
  • One fixed price for a variety of available skill sets
  • Familiarization training prior to staff taking time off
  • Meeting the challenge of matching skill sets to the current IT environment in an ever-changing industry
  • Reduce burn-out by providing the technical relief your staff needs
  • Easier to manage your budgets and labor costs
  • Reduce overtime costs