IT Asset Disposition

With Agilant IT Asset Disposition Services, Agilant manages all the steps in the asset retirement process. We streamline the de-installation, sanitization, and recycling process to responsibly retire end of use hardware assets. Don’t burden your staff with these tasks, let Agilant professionals do the work for you. We handle the responsible reuse or recycling of your retired hardware assets safely and securely, providing you with appropriate documentation for your records.

Your devices will be processed according to industry-leading reuse and recycling standards ensuring compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. We help to protect your business and personal data with our secure end-of-use data sanitization services and prepare for a technology refresh with recycling that supports environmental sustainability and the circular economy.

De-installation Services
Data Eradication
Recycling & Disposal

De-installation Services

De-installation and packaging service removes IT Systems and assorted peripherals from working locations (cubicles, offices, labs, data center or rooms), and moves them to your designated staging location on-premises (such as an empty office, loading dock, or building corner) and prepares them for transport.

Service includes:

  • Agilant will conveniently pack and stack your old hardware
  • Provides a deinstallation register with product description and tracking information
  • The packaged deinstallation service is ordered in conjunction with the installation service

Customer Benefits:

  • Free up IT staff from performing PC installation and deinstallation tasks
  • Reduce time to replace old hardware
  • Enable your company to focus on more important business activities
  • Global availability provides anywhere convenience

Data Eradication

Agilant performs data eradication services according to recognized international data erasure standards (DoD and NIST). As a part of our asset retirement solutions, depending on customer requirements, Agilant offers 5 levels of eradication to protect customer data: File deleting /erasure, Physical Alteration, Overwrite, Secure Erase, Degauss and Disintegrate.Through a certified process, Agilant permanently overwrites any data from the media.

Data eradication can be performed onsite or offsite and all procedures are documented in an audit report which is provided to our customers upon the completion of services.

Service includes:

  • Can be performed onsite or offsite
  • Data wiping is done according to data erasure standards and through a three-pass process
  • An audit report is provided for sanitized devices
  • Service can be combined with Agilant Recycling Services

Customer Benefits:

  • Confidential and sensitive data is protected prior to retirement
  • Compliance with most applicable legislative requirements and environmental regulations

Recycling & Disposal

From initial logistics to end-of-life asset recycling, Agilant handles all aspects of reverse logistics process, no matter the stage. Our ITAD services reduce the risk, cost, and complexity associated with securely managing the disposition and return of end-of-life technology across multiple global locations in an environmentally compliant manner. We provide a complete solution, customizable at each step along the way.

Service includes:

  • Performed through an environmentally responsible reuse or recycling process
  • Retired assets are reviewed for reuse or recycling
  • Processes according to industry-leading reuse and recycling standards and through approved partners
  • Sanitization Services units NIST technology are recommended to ensure data is protected prior to disposal
  • Programs include: Corporate Cleanout, Lease Return management, re-deployment, Risk Management, Employee Purchase & Donation
  • No offshore & No landfill policies

Customer Benefits:

  • Peace of mind that assets are retired in an environmentally sound way
  • Compliance with all applicable regulations and according to strict government standards
  • Security of intellectual property is preserved
  • Receive a certificate of asset disposition after process is completed
  • Data Security and legal indemnification
  • Compliant GLBA, HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, FACTA
  • Data Eradication –NIST Secure Erase