Configuration Services

Configuration Services give customers control over the customization their enterprise-class and/or end-point systems, prior to delivery. By selecting the level of configuration desired, including hardware parts, software configurations, system settings, etching, and asset tagging, when technology is delivered it’s already fully configured and ready to run. In effect, a customer gets to choose what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.

Agilant serves as your single point of expertise for integrating, modifying, and loading your system images at our integration facilities — even for multiple platforms — so your systems arrive tailored to your needs and ready to use. Your new systems will be ready to run right out-of-the-box — minimizing business disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Image & Application
Dynamic Configuration
Custom System Setting
Integration & Packaging
Asset Tagging & Etching
Chrome Device Management

Image & Application

Image & Application services build, modify, test and install your image and deliver fully configured PCs. This is a multivendor, multiplatform service – so your systems arrive tailored to your needs and are ready to use. Your new systems will be ready to run right out-of-the-box—minimizing workforce disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Service includes:

  • Image Load Service
  • Image Modification & Load Service
  • Image Build & Load Service
  • Multi-Platform Image PC Service
  • Application Load Service
  • Image Load Service
  • Backup Media Design & Replication Service

Customer Benefits:

  • A single point of contact for building, modifying, and loading PC images at the factory
  • Reduce in-house labor costs and improve user productivity
  • You can provide us with your ready-to-install image or we’ll build and load it for you
  • Ensure global consistency with an automated, repeatable one-touch configuration process

Dynamic Configuration

Dynamic Configuration is a service that extends your imaging environment to an Agilant facility, via secure VPN, to configure new PCs. It offers real-time configuration of units just prior to shipment, ensuring devices reflect the latest configuration. User personalization ensures each device is dynamically configured for every employee to get them up and running immediately with a system tailored to meet your business needs. Customer get the highest quality and most automated solution in the industry using industry standard system management tools such as SCCM or Altiris.

Service Includes:

  • Images and applications
  • Domain join
  • Hard drive encryption
  • BIOS settings
  • User personalization

Customer Benefits:

  • Ensure devices reflect the latest configuration prior to shipment
  • Devices are dynamically configured and personalized for each user
  • Use an industry-standard system deployment tool such as System Center Configuration Manager or Altiris
  • Let your IT staff stay focused on their mission critical workflows

Custom System Setting

Customer System Setting Services deliver new hardware with system BIOS configured to your specifications. It allows you to go beyond factory default settings to align exactly to your IT environment and security requirements. Your new systems are ready to run right out-of-the-box—minimizing workforce disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Service Includes:

  • BIOS Setting Service
  • Customer Logo BIOS Setting Service
  • BIOS Revision Control Service
  • Intel® vPro™ Setup and Configuration

Customer Benefits:

  • Align to your IT environment and security requirements
  • Minimize user disruptions and maximize productivity
  • Eliminate multiple touches to configure new PCs and increases the level of security
  • Ensure global consistency with an automated, repeatable one-touch configuration process

Integration & Packaging

Integration and Packaging Services integrate and package customer specified hardware components, collateral, and accessories with new PCs. We leverage our factory, logistics, and integration processes to seamlessly add content to device packaging. This enhances packaging efforts and reduces packaging to support environmental initiatives. Additionally, we can integrate third-party hardware components and build process to help ensure that devices are delivered ready to use.

Service Includes:

  • Drop in PC Packaging Service
  • Device Model Management Service
  • Third-Party Hardware Integration Service

Customer Benefits:

  • Custom instructions for users help to quickly activate PCs and ease the setup experience
  • Provide best-in-class hardware products with original vendor warranties
  • Standardize on models for an agreed period of time to reduce the cost of supporting configuration differences
  • Reduce packaging for green initiatives and eliminate receipt of multiple packages

Asset Tagging & Etching

Asset Labeling, tagging and etching services make tracking and securing personal systems simpler and more affordable. Labeling & tagging services range from defined or customer supplied labels to security and electronic tagging, including a rich selection of etching requirements, label sizes, content and placement to suit all needs with company-wide consistency leveraging an automated, repeatable one-touch configuration process in all regions.

Asset etching goes one step farther and is available for laptop, toughbook and tablet assets, both in full color and black & white. In a standard 8-hour day, our team etches approx. 500 assets, with each asset taking between 5-15 minutes, depending on logo size and placement.

Service Includes:

  • PC BIOS Asset Tagging Service
  • Standard Asset Tagging Service
  • Customer-Supplied Asset Tagging Service
  • Custom Security Tagging Service
  • Custom Logo Printing Service
  • Predefined Asset Tagging Service
  • Security Tagging Service

Customer Benefits:

  • Make tracking and securing PCs with anti-theft security tags simpler and more affordable
  • Labels are printed consistently and affixed per manufacturer standards and your requirements
  • Available nationally for client products ensures consistency
  • Choose from a rich selection of label sizes, content and placement to suit your needs

Chrome Device Management

With Chrome Device Enrollment Service, devices are enrolled into the customer’s Chrome Device Management account and are arrive ready to use. All policies are set prior to delivery, so a consistent end-user first boot experience is ensured. The service provides a faster, easier set-up for a ready to use out of the box experience.

Service Includes:

  • Latest OS version
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Remotely managed IT policies
  • Required applications
  • Recommended bookmarks
  • Preset homepage

Customer Benefits:

  • Automate and reduce set-up time since devices arrive ready to use
  • Ensure policies and settings are deployed across all Chrome devices
  • Eliminate multiple touches to fully configure new PCs
  • Provide global consistency with an automated, repeatable one-touch configuration process