Unified Communications Solutions

In the digital workplace, the imperative for communication and collaboration tools has skyrocketed. Mobile employees seek a brick & mortar experience, regardless of their location in the world. Agilant enables more effective, secure communication, whether voice, video, data or mobile. We customize software, integrate 3rd party applications, and manage collaboration architecture securely and with confidence.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a rich communications experience, including: high quality video, any device anywhere, ease with joining & scheduling meetings, business outcomes, and seamless experience.

Both On-Prem and Cloud-Based Solutions

Unified Communications
Voice Over IP
Network Readiness Assessments
Maximize Potential

The key to UC is
working smarter —
Bringing people together
anytime, anywhere,
on any device
without disruption.

Unified Communications

In today’s hyper-competitive business climate, teamwork and collaboration are essential components of success for all enterprises regardless of size or vertical. As a result, we all have a need to communicate and share experiences, knowledge, ideas and opinions—anytime, anywhere.

At the same time, the explosion of social networking provides billions of people every day with the ability to interact like never before. This transformation is driving changes in how businesses think about employee communication and collaboration. It’s also triggering new ways to use communications and collaboration technologies to take full advantage of the power of human relationships to increase business value.

Agilant offers a modular and flexible approach to UC solutions that offers the flexibility you need. Starting with the capabilities that give you the most business value, we serve as a consultant and integrator for your organization. Our offerings combine best-in-class software and hardware communication and collaboration solutions.

Customer Benefits include:

  • Improved Productivity
    As unified communications solutions are deployed, employees will work more productively, reachable wherever they are by whatever communications method they prefer. At the same time, communications-enabled business processes will transform your business by integrating collaboration tools into existing processes.
  • Lowered Cost
    Independent studies show that by implementing a unified communications solution, business can reduce travel, training, real estate, telephony and audio conferencing by as much as 40 percent, voicemail costs by nearly 60 percent and IT by up to 30 percent.
  • Risk Mitigation
    Voice and messaging infrastructure is a mission-critical for all businesses. Our UC lifecycle approach provides a strategy to keep your current environment up and running while transitioning to a future state.

Voice Over IP

With the growing advent of use of Internet for communication in the business world, more and more enterprises are shifting towards VoIP solutions for increased functionality at lower costs. Agilant provides solutions with compelling functionality for businesses looking for a phone system that can be run through the internet, at a fraction of the price of a traditional business phone system.

As a virtual PBX system, your phone system is quickly and easily scalable to support new staff within your office and can link between offices anywhere in the world. And as we host and support your Hosted PBX system, it’s easier to configure and doesn’t require an internal IT staff to set up and manage it. Your company can experience truly responsive support through a single point of contact.

Network Readiness Assessments

A Network Readiness Assessment provides a detailed analysis of your foundational network (critical Layers 1 through 3). It addresses network reliability requirements and validates your network’s capacity to deliver desired business outcomes.

The goal is to ensure the well-being of your underlying network infrastructure so it is poised to support your video (Telepresence) or Meetings initiatives, in spite of increased user expansion, application usage, and traffic demands.

Assessment Benefits:

  • Identify root problems, gaps, and unforeseen risks in your network environment that could impair performance and frustrate end users
  • Prevent costly corrective network maintenance, troubleshooting, and downtime
  • Ensure smooth deployments and allow you to properly scale your users and technology without worry

Maximize Potential

Only four percent of organizations have realized the full value of their unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) investment.

Think about what “full value” entails for that four percent:

  • The right technology for the right audience
  • Cross-channel and device integration
  • High utilization rate among end users
  • Secure, easy-to-use, and reliable technology that is in compliance
  • Customized technology for specific use cases

Realizing the full value of a collaboration solution is often a matter of how well organizations can improve upon the technology they currently have. Of course, new collaboration products can help accelerate initial value, but maximizing that value requires a different strategy — one that incorporates change management processes, customization, and integration with the technology itself.

Thus, expertise is not limited to a single capacity but rather multiple, different domains that together help to optimize the entire solution.