Artificial Intelligence (AI / ML)

Enterprises everywhere mention artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and big data as digital transformation priorities. At the same time, exploding volumes of real-time data are too much for even specialists to analyze and act on.  But with this explosion of data, comes a pivotal thought: Imagine what your company could achieve if every single interaction with technology were “smart”!

To remain competitive in today’s market, organizations need to improve productivity levels and create new opportunities, while reducing costs. Applying advancements in AI and ML is helping organizations achieve these improvements.

The Journey to AI / ML

What are AI / ML?
AI / ML Consulting Services
Ongoing Services
Financial Services
Benefits of AI/ML

AI is not only impacting
the way we do business
but also the way
we live.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is a branch of computer science wherein machines perform tasks like a human mind, such as learning and reasoning.

The term Artificial Intelligence represents a collection of software, logic, computing, and philosophical disciplines that aim to make computers perform functions once thought to be exclusively human, e.g. perceiving meaning in written or spoken language, learning, recognizing facial expressions, and so forth. The AI field has a long history, with many earlier breakthroughs, such as optical character recognition, now considered routine.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

AI is an attractive concept for many stakeholders in business, the sciences and government. On an economic basis, there is much appeal in having machines perform tasks that used to require human beings. An effective AI solution can “think” faster and process more information than any human brain. AI also has the potential to extend human abilities to places where people have trouble going, e.g. outer space or remote locations on earth where human expertise like medical knowledge might be useful.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) occurs when software is able to successfully predict and react to unfolding scenarios based on previous outcomes, without human input.

Machine learning refers to the process by which computers develop pattern recognition, or the ability to continuously learn from and make predictions based on data, then make adjustments without being specifically programmed to do so.  A form of artificial intelligence, machine learning effectively automates the process of analytical model building and allows machines to adapt to new scenarios independently.

Why Machine Learning?

Whether or not you’re excited by the idea that artificial neural networks may one day grow sophisticated enough to replicate human consciousness, there are undeniable practical advantages to machine learning and data, especially in the areas of Intelligent Big Data Management, Smart Devices, and Rich Customer Experiences.

AI / ML Consulting Services

The Agilant team of industry and technology experts can help customers achieve faster time to results by shortening use case identification, system design cycle and configuration time.  Our consultants drive your transformation – from the edge, to the data center, to the cloud.

Agilant provides experts that advise clients on the benefits of AI/ML. We deliver a strong point of view, freedom from vendor lock-in, and a grounded approach to AI/ML that ignores the hype and focuses on business results.

We will help you navigate the confusing world of AI and work with you on potential applications of AI to meet your unique business needs. From there, we can determine the right cognitive services that will best meet your requirements. As always, our technology and proven expertise help you execute IT initiatives that quickly achieve business objectives.

We can help you apply the following cognitive services to your business:

  • Google Cloud AI
  • Amazon AI
  • Microsoft AI

Our strategy is simple & clear:

  • Focus on real business outcomes: We provide access to affordable technologies and advanced AI models and libraries, making it possible to solve real business problems with AI.
  • Take an architectural approach: We help our clients understand choices and offers objective guidance based on business needs and the vision for AI.
  • Embrace incremental AI success: We offer clients novel opportunities, valid outcomes, and a clear path forward.

Ongoing Services

AI / ML requires a lot of clean, enriched data. This is where ongoing support and rule-based technology enhancements can help you.

Our machine learning Subject Matter Experts can help to:

  • Clean the data
  • Automate decisions faster
  • Stay compliant with industry-driven regulations
  • Make the model more accurate
  • Stay within the limits of corporate guidelines
  • Operationalize the model
  • Provide transparency

Incremental Adoption

In addition to providing ongoing services to maximize your  experience, Agilant will also make strategic recommendations along the way to enhance your organization’s internal AI / ML adoption.

  • Explore
    Align teams around a common vision by identifying AI, data, analytics outcomes, and challenges, and exploring use cases and developing high-level plans.
  • Experiment
    Prove the value of AI in your environment with a select use case and model aligned to your business need. Design analytics scope and load, qualify data, and implement analytics functions.
  • Evolve
    Evolve your solutions by protecting and modernizing your data platforms, deploying new use cases, offering consumption-based models, and managing change with ongoing support and training

Financial Services

Agilant leasing options leverage commercial financing solutions to meet your business AI technology goals without impacting your balance sheet or tying up your credit lines. We offer flexible, cost-effective and easy to procure leasing solutions for up to $100 Million.

Leveraging Agilant’s lease financing helps customers meet budget objectives.  Agilant creates customer leasing solutions tailored to meet business goals and build competitive advantage at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Solution Highlights:

  • Ease budget constraints
  • Expense equipment instead of depreciating CapEx
  • Hold on to cash to invest in your business
  • Simplify budgeting and payments
  • Finance the total solution with one partner
  • Increase operational efficiency

Benefits of AI / ML

Agilant collaborates with organizations to unlock the value of their data with AI/ML. Many organizations start small and grow, in time, based on their use cases as they seamlessly integrate robust modern technologies to drive faster, better, deeper and new insights — enabling them to drive operational efficiencies, transform decision making and drive business growth.

  • Customer Experience: As AI becomes “smarter” it begins to understand the day-to-day hardware/application interactions, workloads and priorities of its end-users.  Over time, AI automatically provides optimal, desired options and features, creating an enhanced and user-specific experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: Data-driven insights drive operational efficiencies.  AI automates simple, labor-intensive operations activities eliminating human error and affecting business decisions.
  • Data-Based Decisions: Make better, evidence-based decisions by visualizing business data, understanding how different factors can influence the business, and scenario-testing possible decisions.
  • Predict Demand: Predict future market conditions by uncovering insights into your internal operations. This will allow you to optimize scheduling, the ordering of package materials, the supply chain process and pricing of your products.