Healthcare Solutions

Agilant’s offerings in digital health, operational transformation, user experience, combined with high impact pre-sales consulting and lifecycle services help Health & Life Science companies deliver personalized, efficient and informed care.

Our IT methodologies are founded on deep domain expertise. Our solutions incorporate components from multiple partners. From the back office to the doctor’s office, we help clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. Discover how we’re helping companies deliver better patient outcomes through differentiated solutions, consulting, and operations services.

Agilant Healthcare Practice

OEM Partners
COVID Response


We have the experience of working with some of the world’s leading healthcare institutions. We have a proven capability in creating long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We partner, share world class experience, business processes, and technology expertise in ways that deliver high-quality and superior customer experience.  As a result, our health and life science enterprises are enabled to adopt an agile mindset to deliver future-ready care at the speed of life.

OEM Partners

When Agilant chooses a partner, our motto is: ALL IN! Our Healthcare partners are an extension of the Agilant team, and vice versa. That means, we not only resell hardware and software, but we also craft winning solutions, and provide authorized services… together!


Agilant implements solutions that provide a superior customer and patient experience:

  • Improved patient & provider experience
  • Increase the level of flexibility for IT to adapt to varying business demands
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Increase in-patient revenue
  • Enhanced communication and more effective collaboration among healthcare end user community, IT department, our partners, and Agilant
  • More effective and secure health information technology
  • Higher reliability of IT service delivery and greater adaptability and security of IT applications, systems, and networks
  • Reduced and predictable costs
  • Higher compliance with regulatory standards

Responding to COVID-19

Healthcare and Life Sciences clients are focusing a lot of attention on combating the recent plague of COVID-19. Agilant works with our clients to help them maneuver the impacts of coronavirus while creating a resilient healthcare ecosystem. To create an information-driven healthcare, where data becomes knowledge and patients are empowered, technology must be integrated into the healthcare ecosystem. That’s where Agilant comes in.