Intelligence. Changes. Everything.

HPE InfoSight is a platform that predicts and prevents problems across the infrastructure stack and ensures optimal performance and efficient resource use.

“While you may be aware of the buzz around AI these days, we’d like to make AI real for you with a focus on deep learning — regardless of where you are in the adoption process.  We would like to be your partner while you understand wat AI, deep learning, and machine learning can mean for you and your organization.*”

Enterprise Strategy Group quantifies the impact HPE InfoSight has on IT costs and time spent in management:

  • Drive down your OpEx by 79%
  • 86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved
  • 99.9999% guaranteed availability
  • 54% of problems resolved are beyond storage

*(Quote from Pankaj Goyal, VP HPE AI Business; HPE Special Edition – Deep Learning for Dummies